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…changed the trajectory of my life

Dr. Shakila Angadi truly has a gift for helping you tap into and explore your emotional intelligence. She changed my mindset and sent me on an amazing journey which has changed the trajectory of my life. Dr. Angadi is invested and genuinely wants to see you succeed in whatever goals you set. I looked forward to her meetings and her insights and always came away with so many exercises and habit recommendations that produced results. I cannot recommend her enough, she is uniquely qualified as having personal experiences being a dentist, student, business owner, mother and wife to help you in several different facets of your life. I will be eternally grateful for her guidance and encouragement.

Dr. H.

…a turning point in my life

“Working with Dr. Angadi was a turning point in my life. It was priceless to learn the tools I needed to build, grow and maintain balance and happiness in my life. It changed the way I approach day to day stresses and have increased the quality time I spend with loved ones. I am better in my practice because of knowing how to apply communication principles and choose to handle conflict much more comfortably than before. I highly recommend Dr. Angadi’s coaching to the dental professional that is looking to find their purpose, live with passion and wants to change in BIG ways!”

Dr. D.

…changed my life for the better

“I met Dr. Angadi on FB then later on in real life. After only 3 months of working together, she has helped me hone in on the leadership skills that I needed to develop in myself for the betterment of my dental practice. She is uniquely gifted in identifying patterns and was able to steer me in the right direction professionally AND personally in a short period of time. Dr.Angadi has changed my life for the better and the work we continue to do is life-changing! I could not be more grateful to her.”

Dr. C.

…surprised at how much of a difference it makes

“I would love to tell you about my experience working with Dr. Angadi. I was at a pretty low point in my career and I was seriously considering selling my practice. I was burnt out big time. I am a new mom and the responsibilities of running a practice and a new baby were overwhelming. I came across Dr. Angadi’s information on a facebook page of another dental group. I contacted her immediately and am so glad I did. She was very responsive and we ended up talking the same day. Once I spoke with her I gave it some thought and discussed it with my husband and we decided to invest in her coaching. It was the best decision I could have made. She is very attentive and what I appreciate about her is that she has been where I was and offers great perspective. Since our engagement I have made some tremendous changes in both my personal and professional life. Those changes have allowed me to be way more productive professionally. I get burnt out much less and I am better able to cope during the times I get frustrated. I would highly recommend Dr. Angadi’s services to anyone considering them. You will find yourself surprised at how much of a difference it makes.”

Dr. W.


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